DBCA Feedback on Strategic Directions

Following the workshops, including feedback from 300 participants, Corporate Executive believes we are close to having a document that reflects our shared DBCA strategic goals.

Now it’s your opportunity to tell us whether we’ve got it right.

We’d like you to focus your feedback (*) on the following aspects of the draft Strategic Directions:

  1. Please test/review each pillar (Inspire, Conserve, Discover, Protect) to see which strategies apply to your work (more than one can apply).
  2. Reflecting on each pillar and respective strategies, see if you can link them with the current and future goals of your team/ your work.
  3. Ultimately, everyone should be able to read this and know that their work contributes to the broader purpose of our agency.

*This document’s design is consistent with DBCA corporate standards.  Its layout is not part of the feedback/ review process.