First Steps to a Board Career

20150226_010Are you unsure if you have what it takes to be on a Board?  Are you equipped and ready for this step?

Once you are sure that a Board role is right for you, you need to determine what certain types of Boards look for when considering new members. This will differ from Board to Board, and so it becomes more about you and your specific ‘value add’ to a potential Board.

Defining your own Board profile and making your CV  ‘board ready’ is more than polishing up your existing CV if you want to position yourself for the right opportunities.

And so the search for a Board role begins. Where do you start? How do you identify the types of Boards or roles that might suit you best?

Many feel that a not for profit board is a great start. But there are other options. Consider offering yourself for a co-opted Board Committee role or a Board traineeship, both of which are great training grounds for aspiring Directors.

If you succeed at securing an interview, consider the questions you might be asked and be prepared to talk about your ‘value-add’. Develop your Board interview techniques with practice, conduct your due diligence and consider if this Board role is right for you.

As your Board career grows you need to think strategically about the Board roles you aspire to and those you take on. Choosing the wrong Board can be disastrous to your Board career.