infobox3_0Strategy is about determining the right direction for an organisation and how to lead the organisation in that direction. The correct strategy becomes the dynamic road map for success. Board Connexions uses collaborative stakeholder models to help organisations determine their strategic direction

This approach ensures all feel ownership and accountability for the creation of value to stakeholders and shareholders.

Strategy affirms the purpose of an organisation’s existence, its aspirations for the future, and the way it will measure its success.

We help organisations with:

  • Strategic planning and review
  • Change leadership
  • High performing teams
  • Innovation
  • Developing organisational KPIs
  • Organisational decision-making
  • Mergers and acquisitions

We also conduct in-house training on strategy and strategic planning so that Boards and Executives develop a shared understanding of the process.

For customised solutions or more information on any of these services contact Lianne.