I have worked with Lianne under a number of circumstances, as coach, facilitator, mentor and advisor for some time.

Lianne is a strategic thinker and a leader in her field, plus she is a delight to work with. She is insightful, creative and thought provoking and has brought a great deal of knowledge and understanding to my business and to me personally.

I would thoroughly recommend Lianne as a senior thinker in all things business related, and a great friend and advisor.

Peter James – Zacore Pty Ltd

During a Board review at Central Purchasing Services Ltd we had identified a need for Board Governance training and engaged the services of Lianne for a one day governance training programme. Whilst a few on the board had Governance training, most had not.

Lianne structured a very effective programme around our specific needs. Her knowledge on the topic, breadth of experience, facilitation skills and personality in effectively working with a diverse group of Directors, resulted in all attendees rating the programme as extremely beneficial, even Directors with relevant governance experience. It met our needs and lifted subsequent Board performance.

I have also worked with Lianne in her role as Chair of a TEC group for The Executive Connection. TEC’s Mission is to Improve the Effectiveness and Enhance the Lives of CEO’s. My role in WA is to mentor TEC Chairs.

Establishing a new group of CEO’s and business owners in a difficult economic environment has been a serious challenge, especially when the responsibility for success is largely in the hands of the Chair with limited support. Lianne is showing an ongoing willingness to do the recruiting “hard yards” and persist. The role also entails facilitation, organisation, coaching and mentoring of senior people. The feedback from her members is positive with respect to these attributes.

Tim Hantke (B.Comm, FAICD, FAIM)

Working with Lianne has been an absolute pleasure. Lianne has an ability to translate strategy and vision into effortless and simple steps. She has helped me address incredibly challenging situations with her expertise, knowledge and professional, down to earth, can do approach. Thank you so much Lianne.

Melissa Perry – CEO, Communicare

Nulsen Disability Services has had a long and productive relationship with Lianne Cretney-Barnes from Board Connexions over many years.

Lianne’s contribution to the ongoing development of our governance practices has enabled Nulsen’s Board and executive team to take a critical and honest look at how we effect our governance practices and where these practices align or conflict with our culture and operations. Culture is of immense importance at Nulsen and it has been refreshing to work alongside someone who understands its importance and takes the time to immerse themselves in that culture to gain a full understanding and appreciation of it.

I have very much valued the guidance and counsel Lianne has provided to me and the Nulsen team in improving our leadership, strategy and performance. A recent review of our Governance performance undertaken by Lianne has resulted in a robust and succinct plan of action to take our governance maturity and performance to another level.

Lianne has exceptional facilitation, coaching and mentoring skills which we will continue to engage with in the years ahead.

If you are serious about the governance of your organisation and want a tailor made approach, rather than an off the shelf framework then Board Connexions will be the best investment you ever make.

Gordon Trewern – CEO, Nulsen Disability Services

I approached Lianne to assist me with mentoring at an executive level and found the experience to be extremely rewarding, valuable for career building. I would highly recommend this professional and supportive service.

I also engaged Lianne to facilitate extensive board strategic planning sessions, which I would highly recommend to businesses and organisations who want to focus on both governance as well as out-of-the-box thinking.

Catrin Allsop – CEO, Australia’s South West Inc

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop this afternoon. You have a great delivery technique and you were able to keep everyone engaged throughout the whole session. It certainly helped clarify a lot of things for me and I am hoping to utilise what I learned to secure some lasting opportunities at board level. After today I think I will be able to think and act more strategically. Thank you for your time and effort, I very much appreciate it. I hope our paths cross again soon.

Liz Behjat MAICD, Consultant

To a “Green” CEO for a power line construction company, Lianne provided enormous support and really helped my direction.  The mentoring programme was extremely useful to keep my focus where it needed to be. The workshops, training and seminars provided a great range of topics that helped shape my management approach. Everyone in upper management should have their ideas tested and tried, Lianne, with her blend of experience and understanding of human beings is extremely good at it! I recommend Lianne to anyone who is seriously looking to improve their skills, knowledge and focus.

Michael Mac Shane